LOVE ME. LOVE ME. BEAT ME (I might like it)

“- I’m sorry Ma’am. You cannot get to the platform without showing us your train ticket.

– Ok. Hum, this is unusual but let me check my purse. Here you go.

– Thank you. You can go. “

This has never happened to me before. Never. Normally I get checked in the train after we leave the station. 

I get up the stairs and wait here on the platform, for my train to arrive. I’m early. Way too early. I see a man standing next to me. His back says “Security”. I’ve never seen this kind of agent before.

He looks everywhere.

I’m starting to feel anxious. I can see more agents gathering downstairs. I can hear the weird noise of their talkie-walkies.

“- Car number 4, he’s there. She’s there too.” “OK, we are ready.”

Who is arriving? Am I supposed to stay here?

A train arrives and people flow out of it, suitcases in their hands to get to the exit.

“Where are they?” I hear.  Who are they talking about?

Then, I hear voices, screams behind me.

“- Shut up and go ahead! WALK ! You stupid dumbass.

– What did I say? I did not even speak! You shut up !

– Watch out ! Behave ! You force me to yell at you in the middle of the station! You shut your mouth and walk. You want me to hit you in the face again? Huh? So shut it up.”

I turn around to see this man walking behind his girlfriend, threatening to beat her.

I hear the talkie-walkie : “They are near the exit, go ahead”. I see all of the security agents rushing for them.

They are all gone. I’m safe. But someone’s not.

I wait 10 minutes straight still on the platform to see the staff members coming back, talking to each others.

“He was violent in the train with her. We tried to talk to her, she pushed us back. We offered to call the police, she refused. She said she was OK. He was still acting violent with her when they left. They are gone.

A silence.

“We did what we could to give a hand. Unfortunately, once the door of their apartment closes, we cannot do anything. What happens there, stays there”.

We cannot fight other people’s battles, they said. We cannot file a report for her. We can only watch and listen.

Maybe she appreciates the public humiliation. Maybe she likes the threats. Maybe she feels happy.

The law says, as long as she does not denounce him, we cannot protect her. Because, in the end, who knows. Maybe she likes it?

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