How to buy almost-luxury items for nothing.

“You have one notification, your favorite youtuber has uploaded a new video”. What do I do? I click.   This female youtuber, which I watch from time to time, decided to do a review of some big Chinese retail websites to compare the quality with other well-known brands. She chose to purchase and show clothes, [...]

Run faster, watch out and don’t look back.

Dear reader, if you don’t want to read about excessive workload and corporations’ lives, go away. I’ve been waiting to write about this topic for a long time now. I never really knew from where to start, as this is very sensitive to many of us, but I feel that this matter should be addressed. [...]

Please, could you stop lying and be the child you really are?

What? I’m a not child. False. This is the biggest change from childhood to adulthood. When you grow up, you finally get to understand that adults are just kids trying to hide their fears, expecting to figure out where they are going and what is the aim of living the way they do, sometimes trying [...]

Climate change doesn’t exist, it’s only god’s will.

Dear readers, let’s go back in time. 2015, November 13th in France, Stanzin Dorjai, an Indian filmmaker was in my city for a couple of days and I had the opportunity to meet him, thanks to mutual friends. He took on his time to show us his latest movie and this was a wonderful moment [...]

Please, feed me more!

Dear readers, if you want to keep enjoying candidly your fresh tomatoes and your apricots during this hot month of July, please, quit this article. Now. I warn you. I watch TV sometimes, but I don’t let it on all the time. I plan to watch specific TV shows, movies and documentaries according to the [...]

The Afghan refugee and the psychic

After reaching Greece, the ferryman abandoned them and they had to gather in small groups to put together all of their financial resources to pay for taxis and train tickets to go to Germany. He found a young man who wanted to reach France, just like him and they traveled together to Paris.

Meet Christelle and follow her steps

And little by little, her hair became longer, pinker, some jewelry showed up on her arms and neck, her flat shoes were changed into high heels and she started to buy some beautiful handbags. Something completely natural had transformed her, or should I say, something got revealed in the bright light. She had been born in a man’s body, she was still a woman.

Don’t judge Pedro by his cover

I don’t usually read the local newspaper with my morning coffee. Usually, I don’t read anything before I fully finish my breakfast as I’m not a morning person. Hell no. Having a decent conversation with someone before the clock hits 9 is not my cup of tea. But this morning happens to be an exception [...]